Unfortunately, a lot of structures and buildings are past the point of preservation and our ability to conserve to masonry fabric is reduced. Common factors include incorrect stone selection or poor quality, failer of rainwater systems allowing moisture to penetrate the masonry fabric along with its charged impurities, cost and neglect.

Restoration practices are generally only undertaken when significant deterioration and decay of the masonry has become unsightly and dangerous leading to the replacement of materials. Additionally, more intrusive methods such as structural repairs and adaptions may also be specified.

Condition survey

we undertake condition surveys to internal and external masonry to better understand the building and its materials to help identify possible causes of deterioration and decay. Through this process, we can provide a detailed analysis, carry out cleaning sample and provide cost-effective solutions for the client.

Repair and replacement

We undertake full-scale repair and replacement of stone, brick and terracotta. Our skilled operatives and fixer stonemasons are experienced in successfully carrying out repairs and replacement of these natural materials using sympathetic methods.

Stone, brick and terracotta Selection

We are able to source natural stone, brick and terracotta to match existing fabrics from our trusted suppliers and can tailor to any specification including new build projects.

Stone masonry and carving

We have a team of qualified banker masons experienced in template making and working a finished product. This can be done onsite and in-situ or in our workshop.

Pointing and mortar analysis

The correct choice of mortar is of major importance to the life of the masonry and of the building as a whole. Important factors need to be taken into account like the flexibility of the mortar and if it is sufficiently permeable. We are able to carry out a full analysis of the aesthetics and strength of original mortars, allowing us to match its exact composition of sand, aggregate and binders.

Stucco and rendering

Whether it is isolated repairs or full scale rendering our experienced plasterers can undertake the removal and replacement of defected renders and replace them with the correct materials using sympathetic methods.

Structural repairs

Our skilled operatives are experienced with undertaking Structural Repairs which include Strengthening of brickwork and stone, lintel replacement, creating new openings and masonry bed joint reinforcement.

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