Completion of a major restoration project in the heart of Birmingham City Centre to restore the terracotta facade - The Old Royale Pub

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The Old Royale Pub - Birmingham City Centre

Restoring terracotta and heritage brickwork

The landmark pub located in Birmingham city centre has an elegant terracotta facade which stands out magnificently to the more modern designed buildings surrounding it in the business district. Unfortunately, over the years the Old Royale facade succumb to the environmental impact of the busy town and maintenance was not frequent enough causing significant damage to the terracotta.

We were appointed the timely job of gently cleaning the facade to remove carbon sulphation build up and organic matter to the indentations of the ornate castings. This allowed us to visibly see the scope of the damage that had occurred and some of the worst areas was to the copings at the top of the building. Large stress cracks throughout the terracotta blocks were caused from tree seeds being blown by the wind and getting caught and lodged in the defected joints enabling large root systems to take hold, filling the voids and applying pressure on the blocks from the inside out. We were able to carry out mostly sympathetic repairs, however a number of blocks where badly damaged and had to be replaced.

A large proportion of failed joints (a combination of cementitious /lime mortars) had allowed for water ingress to the building which caused damage to the internal structure. To prevent further deterioration we carried out a full repoint using lime mortar to match the original.

The busy pub remained open for business throughout the project so extra efforts were made to design a scaffold that was safe to carry out the works whilst still being able to serve customers. This included Installation of temporary guttering for water to escape throughout the cleaning operation and we also added protection netting to two lifts as a precautionary measure.

The success of the project has brought life back into this historic building and will see future generations benefit for many years to come.

Completion of Structural repairs and stone replacements to a Grade II listed building .

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Private Grade II Listed Building

Sructural repair and Stone Replacements

We were first tasked to clean the sandstone facade enabling us to gently remove dirt and algae build up so we could clearly identify the severity of stone deterioration. A significant number of stone replacements took place on all elevations, in particular to the exposed gable you can see (pictured above). The main driving factor for deterioration was laminating of the stone face due to poor craftsmanship in the building phase where many ashlar blocks were face bedding instead of being laid on its intended natural bed. in this instance, erosion takes place very rapidly as the compressive strength is dramatically decreased overall reducing the structural integrity of the building.

In previous years it was identified that the whole building was repointed using cementitious mortar which also played a significant role to the extent of the deterioration that was present. Due to the natural composition of sandstone, we had to be very careful to rake out the cementitious mortar to not create any further damage and fully repoint the whole building using Natural Lime to match the original.


A Major restoration project completed to bring back the Market Hall Museum to its former glory.

Stone restoration in warwick.jpg

Market Hall Museum, Warwick

Restoration of external facade

A major restoration project was carried out by our team of specialists to restore the external fabric of the building. Various works include structural strengthening to the window openings, stone replacements and lime mortar repointing.

Our conservation specialists were tasked with delicately conserving the historical painted lettering to further protect it for future generations.


Restoration Project successfully carried out on Aspect Court, Birmingham

Stone Cleaning Birmingham.jpg

Aspect Court | Birmingham

Specialist Stone Cleaning and Structual Repairs

One of our successful restoration projects was carried out on Aspect Court, in the centre of Birmingham to protect the stonework and improve the overall appearance. The main work involved Specialist cleaning to the external fabric (Portland stone) to remove a buildup of carbon sulphation.

Additional works include structural repairs to the stone lintels, stone replacements and consolidation to a number of weathered copings.