For thousands of years we have used inorganic materials like stone, terracotta and brick to erect various structures all over the world mainly for there durability purposes. However, over time the environment and pollution still impose detrimental effects to these structures and ongoing maintenance in the form of conservation is the first step to promote longevity of our built heritage for future generations.

Whether it is stone, brick or terracotta, the cause and effect of the decay will vary and our team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge in the repair and consolidation of these natural materials.

Historic lime stucco renders  & shelter coats

Stucco is generally known to be a durable material, however various problems can arise which can lead to bulging and even collapse. Excessive Water penetration is a common problem and we can assist in finding possible causes and carry out any necessary repairs to eliminate further decay of original stucco

Lime mortar pointing

For decades it was common practice to carry out repairs to buildings and structures using cement mortar for pointing. This created many problems with water getting trapped in the masonry and not being able to freely pass through the joints, Inevitably accelerating the process of deterioration of the masonry components. We can remove all cementitious pointing to reveal the original mortar allowing us to carry out tests to find a suitable mix for repointing.

Condition Survey

We can carry out surveys to get a better understanding of a building and materials which help to identify defects. Through this process, we can offer technical advice, detailed drawings, pictures and cost-effective solutions for implementing a method for conservation to minimise deterioration and decay imposed on structures.

Lime mortar analysis

The correct choice of mortar is also of major importance to the life of the masonry and of the building as a whole. Important factors need to be taken into account like the flexibility of the mortar and if it is sufficiently permeable. We are able to carry out a full analysis of the aesthetics and strength of original mortars,  allowing us to match its exact composition of sand, aggregate and binders required to match or replace existing mortars.

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